A&S Inc.

Recruiting Information 2021


  • About products

    ex:About the store where you want the product
    ex:About the material of the product

    * Please inquire at the store where you will visit the store for product availability.   agete / NOJESS / BELLESIORA

  • About after-sales service and repair

    ex:About purchasing one of the earrings (earrings)
    ex:About acceptance of repair

    * Repairs are available at each store.
    * The repair fee and period will be provided after the goods have been viewed.


    ex:About member registration and change of registered information
    ・Use of points and addition of multiple cards

  • Other inquiries

    ex:Click here for other inquiries, opinions and requests.

    * For inquiries regarding the return or exchange of purchased products, Please contact the store from which you purchased the product or each online store.

* For inquiries about products purchased at online stores, please contact each online store from which you purchased them.